terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Rev. Renilson Ornelas

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The initial question that coupies ask is: What should I do? Speaking of marriage today has been one the hottest issues. This is because the oscilations that it has sufered as a result of the changes and innovations experienced at the time. Although some opposition to marriage, there is still a large mass that believes and figths for its preservation, including in the light of the bible. The problems that arise during the coexistence of the couple are naturalhe human of the, due to the complexity . No one thinks the same all the time  even sleeping together.Wedding unravel follows for example, the lack of harmony that is always born by the lack of understanding of both  the husband and the wife. The crisis in the marital relationship arises and grows exactly the moment in double vision since there is nothing else to do. Suffering at this in the marital relationship arises and grows exactly the moment in double visin since there is nothing else to do. 

Suffering at this time is very large and leads to several types of  diseases in the life of the couple and the family. Usually the suffering of children causes great concern. Amid the crisis many couples often ask , the restoration of a marriage in crisis is possible? Aswer is  yes. Unfortunately many couples come togeter without any sense of responsibility for each other tenderly in many cases the meetings tahe place amid much excitement, and the minds of those involved are not prepared in order for a relationship. We also have cases in which the man is forced to take a woman after that tell him an unwanted pregnancy, unplanned. Thoughout the bilble the word restoration im present, expressing God"s mercy to those who love him.

In Jeremy eighteen in tehe narrative vase in the hands of the potter, the Lord looks at the prophet e asked, Did I not do this vessel( which broke) another new vessel? God is interested in the happness of their children, so the restorantion is announced by him prophet Isaiah he says. Behold. I make all things new. If you do not want the breakup of his marriage then need the protect your maritall relationshipseriously. Te here are small details that needto be observed and taken into  account for this to be  possible: a) Always be honest and transparent with your spouse, b) Give attention, mainlya to see sadness in(s), c) When fails, show repenteance and correct your fault, d)Live with porpose, and has desire for each other always, show you love, f) Be loyal to each other, g)  is pleased to be home with your spouse, h) Talk ever; hold discussions. i) Always be motivated in the in the relashionship. The restoration is possible at any wedding in turbulence or in process of extinction.

The requires that there first will of the husband and wife that this becomes possible. The lack of maturity of the couple and the anger fueled in the heart contributes greatly to the repair and complete restoration is not possible. The best way to keep you marriage alive and active is not letting is stagnate, it protect you from all atacks directed to him. Only concerned with the wedding maintainning one who truly loves. Many couples leave God and away from their marriages all the time. Do not read the Bible, they neglegect the gosdpel(or play with it) , do not pray together and only in crises so it is that remember the creator. Thakfully, despite the hardness of our hearts, He is merciful. Restoration is possible yes.


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Rev. Renilson Ornelas

Minister of the Gospel, Lecturer, Postgraduate in pastoral psycology, Families and couples therapist with training in family law.